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Core Nutritionals Doug Miller Pro Series: Ascension Pre-Workout

Lifetime natural bodybuilder Doug Miller hasn’t just killed it in physique competition – he’s been killing it at Core Nutritionals too, where he’s been President and CEO since 2005.

Core has a reputation for not messing around. The company stays abreast of industry and research trends, so any Core label will be made up mostly of ingredients with solid evidence and consensus behind them. And of course, the Core team makes damn sure that all the doses are solid too.

However, Core isn’t just another cookie-cutter formulation house – their labels always have one or two ingredients whose inclusion reveals the company’s subtle and sophisticated understanding of the science.

One famous example of this forceful-yet-nuanced approach is Core Fury, the company’s foundational pre-workout that the PricePlow blog covered back in 2022, which contains pregnenolone, a precursor to all steroid hormones (including testosterone). Pregnenolone is an absolutely awesome ingredient, but still relatively obscure, and Core has been an industry pioneer in its use. Plus, Fury uses a 2,000 mg dose of taurine per serving, at a time when the vast majority of formulators are stuck on the arbitrary 1,000 mg standard.

And again, when the Core gang released Pump, their non-stim preworkout that we also covered in 2022, they didn’t just go heavy on NO-boosting ingredients as is the industry custom – they also included PeakO2, an ergogenic blend that’s a really smart but unusual choice for this product category.

Core Ascension = Core Fury + Core Pump

Now you can get the best of both formulas in one convenient package with Core Ascension, a formula conceived as a merger of Fury and Pump.

Some key points to consider – in the two scoop serving you’re getting 10,000 mg of citrulline, 6,400 mg of beta alanine, and 2,000 mg of taurine. All three of these doses have solid evidentiary support, and are gradually being accepted as the new industry standards, so it’s increasingly common to see at least one of these show up in any given formula. Rarely, though, do we see all three of them at once.

Plus, Ascension uses pregnenolone, which, again, we’re huge fans of.

Here’s what’s in the full formula:


So, does this formula pull it off? Are we really getting the best of both worlds from Pump and Fury? There’s only one way to find out – stay tuned for PricePlow’s full science breakdown coming Tuesday, February 27th, 2024.

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